We use the simple yet incredibly effective Torque Release Technique (TRT) to analyze and adjust the spine and nervous system. TRT is proven through research to be the most specific scientific chiropractic technique in the world. After a thorough chiropractic assessment we'll work together to develop a customized treatment plan and course of action.

You can visit whenever works best for you with our scheduling app SKED. Maybe we're crazy, but our ultimate goal is to see you less and less as your quality of life continuously improves. 

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The health factory team

We're a team who wants to treat you like family. Know that we're continually working to provide you with the best possible care as you pursue your well-being and health goals.

Dr Barrett Deubert

Dr. Barrett Deubert

Dr. Barrett can easily be described as someone who is passionate about elevating the health of his patients. Dr. Barrett's passion started when he was in high school and suffered with severe asthma and allergies, to the point where he was on multiple medications and periodically would go to the emergency room for much-needed breathing treatments. At 16 years old he consulted with a chiropractor and his life changed dramatically over the next 6 months. No more antihistamines, inhalers, breathing treatments or any other medications. Dr. Barrett couldn't believe that chiropractic care did more for his health in 6 months that any medical doctor had done for the last decade. This propelled the passion that Dr. Barrett has today and his pursuit to help change the health of a city.

Dr. Barrett is extremely knowledgeable in understanding how to get the the root cause of major health issues. This is fueled by his understanding of how the body works and operates. His postgraduate studies have been focused on specific corrective chiropractic care from a neurological model, restoration of biomechanics and posture through functional movement training, and restoring nutritional deficiencies through a functional medicine approach.

His biggest support comes from his amazing family, who you'll likely see hanging around The Health Factory. His wife Becky is just as passionate about raising healthy families as she not only helps out the growth of The Health Factory but passionately raises in health their 3 children: Malachi, Maddy Cate and Myla Grace. Let our family take care of yours as you pursue your God given potential.

Dr. Caleb

Dr. Caleb Edmiston

 Dr. Caleb has been passionate about health and human performance since before high school. This passion led him to a path of becoming a medical doctor, but he became disinterested in the traditional medical model and wanted to pursue a more preventative health approach. Therefore he chose to pursue a career in the health and performance industry. He graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in both Exercise Science and Nutrition. After spending a few years working as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, the opportunity to work with a chiropractor utilizing a functional medicine approach changed his mind-set and career path. He knew he wanted to be able to help people change their lives more holistically.

During his time in chiropractic school and in his postgraduate studies, he has focused on learning functional medicine and a specialty known as functional neurology. He understands the intricate connections of the human body and utilizes that understanding to improve health and well-being. He firmly believes in the individual’s ability to positively influence his or her health, regardless of the condition and severity, and works to facilitate that process.