Every year CrossFit has a party and it's called The Open.

Cool thing is; everyone's invited. Even you.

Yes, you, the guy who doesn't have pull-ups. And yes, you, the girl who struggles with box jumps. And yeah, even all you athletes who hate burpees. Join the club!

The Open is our excuse to go a little harder, cheer a little louder, and express our fitness. It's five memorable workouts you don't want to miss. And here's why.

You've Never Done It Before 

Your first Open is like your first time driving a car (I really hope you didn't wreck your first time).

You're finally going places. It's a bit scary, but also exciting. Everyone supports you and cheers for you, and even though you're still learning, you're behind the wheel and in control of something that's only going to make you better. And that feels really good.

You've Done It Before

You know the feeling. You've seen it. Lived it. Loved it.

Open workouts aren't like regular workouts. Sure, your daily workouts are fabulous, but we tend to take those everyday experiences for granted. But not The Open. For those of us who have done The Open before, it's a worthy reminder of just how far we've come. And how much more we have to give.

You'll Meet New People 

We love our CrossFit class. It's ours, after all, what's not to love?

We show up at the same time every day and throw down with the same people and can't imagine it any other way. While this sort of consistency is noble, it keeps us from taking full advantage of our community.

The Open changes that. By bringing us together every Friday night, The Open introduces us to new people who enjoy the same things we do. And with new people, comes new possibilities.

You'll Set New Goals

Routines keep us honest. Progressing. But often, we get lost in the habit and settle into less than our best.

By ransacking our training schedule, introducing us to new movements, and showing us just how much potential we have, The Open ignites a fire that burns bright all year.

When The Open ends, we're left with a rare moment of clarity. An opportunity to set goals WE WILL ACHIEVE by this time next year.

You'll Slow Down

It's weird to think that The CrossFit Open will slow you down, but that's precisely what it does.

For five straight Fridays, you'll join your friends, get after it, judge, and celebrate. The world fades. No rush. No hurry. No worry. Just an atmosphere of accomplishment you don't want to miss. 

The Open at The Health Factory begins Friday, October 11, at 4 pm. Register now!