We all have that one friend who's great at listening.

They don't wait for us to stop talking just so they can speak, they relax into the conversation, fully absorbed with what we have to say. They don't mindless react, they thoughtfully respond. Can you picture them?

Often, they're the kind of person who stares at stars and smells flowers. The type of person who doesn't rush, but still manages to get things done — the sort of person who calms everyone else down.

Josh is that person.

Whenever coaches or other CrossFitters speak, Josh listens. Whenever he struggles with a movement, Josh takes his time to fix it. And whenever a skill seems too far in the future to ponder, Josh settles in and gets to work.

Instead of forcing things, instead of getting frustrated, instead of thinking he has all the answers, Josh CrossFit's calmly. Getting a bit better every single day, reaping the rewards, and passing them on to others. And for that, Josh is October's Athlete Of The Month. Congrats, man!