Most days, we sprint into the gym, one sock short, shirt on inside out, still thinking about all the stops we have to make before we go home.

We train for energy. To look good and feel good. And it works. Even if it's rushed, it works.


But what if we didn't have to hurry. What if we could take the next five Friday's for ourselves, and use this year's CrossFit Open as a sort of personal day. A day to take our time, appreciate the community, and get lost in the effort. 


This year, make The Open about more than just the workout. Make The Open about building habits that last a lifetime.




There's always something. 


That one skill you have, but not really. Some days you're great at it, and some days you're not. Maybe it's handstands, or doubles, or pull-ups. Whatever it is, now is the time to get after it.


Steal a few moments before Friday and practice a much-needed skill. Not only will you be more confident when the movement shows up, but you might finally understand that all some things take is a little extra practice.




When is the last time you took a walk? Like, a real, honest-to-goodness walk. And it doesn't count if you took your phone or put a time limit on it. 


How about the last time you genuinely appreciated nature, stared at the stars, or just mindfully stretched stiff muscles without worrying about where you had to be?


Whatever you do to decompress, before Friday, do it as often as possible.


Love the process


If you play the game for applause, for trophies or scholarships or riches, you'll end up empty. If you define yourself by your performance, one day, you'll get beat. And you'll quit.


But if you play the game to improve, you'll never stop loving it. You'll be fit for life. 


This year, whether it's your first or your fifth CrossFit Open, ignore the Leaderboard. Don't let the movements scare you. Make the next five Fridays about giving a little more, and get a lot better because of it.


Register here and join your Health Factory Crew every Friday from 4-7 pm starting October 11, 2019.