Your coach is patient.

Like really patient. Patient as a parent with a trio of cranky newborns. Patient as a priest in confession. Patient as a lobotomized Buddhist. 

Your coach is there for you. 

Even when you eat all the pizza. Even when it's been a week since your last workout. Even when you both know you have more to give. 

Your coach is all in.

You can be broken. You can be clumsy. You can be lost. You can be a lot of things, none of which changes coach's radical commitment to you.

All you have to do is try. All you have to do is trust.

Silence that little voice that doesn't believe. The one who complains instead of compliments, quits instead or improves. No more slogans. No more lies. No more excuses. The moment you believe in yourself as much as coach believes in you is the moment you reach your true potential.