American explorer, Colin Brady, is the first man to trek Antartica unsupported.

It took him 54 days to walk the 932 miles from start to finish, all while dragging a heavy sled full of gear; a lifeboat full of food and one tent, that if he lost, would've certainly ended his journey. And maybe his life.

Brady couldn't sweat for fear of frostbite, and if he took a day off, there was a chance he'd run out of food. When the weather didn't cooperate — which was most of the time — he traveled blind and tripped over snowdrifts often. And when it got worse, Brady kept going. 

"Despite how hard it is to step outside of your comfort zone," Brady said after his trip, "the magic of life and growth happens when you point your compass toward the limitless horizon of your dreams and commit to the journey."

Before he set out to conquer what many believed was impossible, Brady and crew planned for every contingency imaginable. And while victory loves preparation, there's no replacement for an undying commitment.

Take a moment and write down where you're headed. Put it on your bathroom mirror like it's a tall, blond Russian. Then work backward, make your plan, and head in that direction. Every. Single. Day. There are simply no rest days when your life is on the line, and success is the only option.

"Many days will be challenging, and the negative voice in your head will recommend quitting, but as you keep moving forward, one day the sun will shine and illuminate your path, and you'll be eternally grateful for taking that courageous first step into the unknown." - Colin Brady