Some people today wear busy like a tattoo.

A badge of honor that everyone can see, describing who they are as a person:

"I'm busy. I'm important. I'm special."

Others, however, aren't so much "look at me, I'm busy," as "I haven't got time for your shenanigans. There's work to be done. Real work."

That's Crystal.

With a stroller and several little ones in tow, Crystal sprints into the gym several mornings a week, and somehow, with a list of chores a mile long, she gets fitter.

It doesn't end with the workout either. After recently changing the way she eats, Crystal has lost more than ten pounds. She's also PR'd many of her Olympic lifts, and registered for the Rumble.

All silently. All without announcement. All because it's the right thing to do, and one of the best examples for her family.

Crystal is a motivator, urging others to take the same steps she has. She knows what it's like to feel fit, and she wants it for everyone she meets. Because that's the kind of information people need to hear. Not how important someone is or how packed their calendar, but how to feel the best you've ever felt. That's the kind of gifts great people give. The kind that changes lives.

For all that and more, we congratulate Crystal, August's athlete of the month. Keep it up, Crystal!