Everyone is busy.

Everyone has responsibilities.

Everyone has a choice.

Some choose to skip the things that make them better. Others, like Lori, search them out. It's not always convenient, comfortable, or even entertaining, but Lori does it anyway.

Be it early morning in the gym, hot as a volcano outside, or a workout you'd rather forget existed, let alone attempt, Lori chooses better. And that simple yet incredibly difficult choice to be consistent is paying off.

Today, Lori is stronger than she ever has been, she can run for miles at a time, and she continues to gain new and exciting skills. She's a worker, on and off the gym floor. And most importantly, she's eager! The moment Lori earns a few extra pounds on the barbell, or nails a brand new skill, she celebrates and asks, "what's next?"

Everyone has a choice. Lori simply makes the hard ones. And for that, she's September's Athlete of the Month. Congrats, Lori!