It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

That wonderful time when you reflect on all you accomplished this past year! PRs, body fat percentages, nutrition goals, read more, social media less, floss every day...

It’s also that “wonderful” time of year when you remember all you didn’t accomplish. Yuck.

You set goals at the beginning of this past year, right? You did meet some of them. Congrats! Maybe you hit a PR, didn’t eat sugar for 6 consecutive months, or just brushed your teeth every day. Kudos! Those other goals...not so much, huh? We all have them. We would rather not talk about them. Maybe we’ll try again this year.

But let’s make this year different.

The goals you’re probably planning on setting won’t accomplish themselves while you sit back and drink Kombucha. You have to put in some work.

As you look into the new year, we want to challenge you to approach your goal-setting a little differently. Rather than simply setting a few goals you may or may not achieve, let’s set some goals that are within our reach and then make a plan of action to actually reach them. The following advice is beyond simplistic...but hopefully it will be a timely refresher.  

What do you want? 

No, what do you really want? First you must make a decision about what you want to accomplish. Goals will not set themselves. This could be anything from a PR to consistently keeping track of your macros to doing a better job of allowing yourself to heal from injury. (Sometimes we have to decide that what we need is actually something we want) Make sure your goals are attainable as well. Goals that are completely out of our reach will only lead to frustration. As an example, let’s be real...if your body fat percentage currently sits at 33%, there’s no chance you’ll make it to 10% by February! Set realistic goals - they always said Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or something like that.

After you’ve decided on some attainable goals that are exactly what you want, write them down. You have a much higher chance of actually working towards and reaching goals if you write them down. You don’t have to write them down today - after all, it’d be best to give them a little thought. You’re going to spend a lot of time working towards those goals, so you are going to want to make them good.

Don't forget to make a plan.

What exactly do you need to do to make it happen? For some of your goals, you’ll know exactly what this looks like. For example, if you struggle with eating well on the weekends because your fridge is always empty by then, make a plan to go to the grocery store during the middle of the week. Simple fix that only needs a little effort on your part. Without a plan of action, though, you’ll just end up spinning your wheels. For other more complex goals, you might not even have the first clue about how to take the first step! This is where we can help...

You don't have to do it alone.

We all need some sort of accountability. You might simply thrive off of peer accountability. If this is you, find a friend to hold you to the fire. Text each other. Train with each other. Friends don’t let friends skip class. Some of you need a more consistent, coach-like accountability source to hold you to your goals. Here at CrossFit Rhema, we have accountability sources around every corner. You wouldn’t be able to get away from it if you tried. When it comes to any nutrition or weight/body fat percentage goals, let us help you create that plan for success. We can help you set macro and calorie goals; we can also help with food choices and consistency in tracking. If you have a specific goal for the gym, you don’t have to wander around aimlessly wondering how to achieve that either. Talk to your Coach for Life. That’s why we’re here!

If you just happened to stumble upon this blog and don't have a clue about CrossFit but are interested in learning more...’re in the right place! Our foundations program is one of a kind. We will meet you exactly where you are. We learn about your strengths and expose some of your weaknesses in order to help you set and ultimately reach your goals. The one-on-one attention you’ll receive in the beginning is vital to getting you started in the right direction. We have all sorts of athletes at Rhema. We are home to some rather fit athletes who have a full training schedule….and we’re also home to moms who simply want to run around the yard with their kids and grandpas who want to be able to pick up their grandchildren and feel strong as they age. This is the place for you.

Don't wait until January 1st. 

Start now. It’s going to be really tempting to slack off during the holidays. (We saw how some of you ate on Thanksgiving, and we’re already starting to wonder where some of our regular 6PM folks are!) Don’t slack off now. In fact, do the opposite - make a fresh start today. Why not? There’s no better day than today to get going.

So, now what?

Set a goal.

Make a plan. (do NOT skip this part!)

Reach out for some accountability.

And then DO IT. JUMP IN.

Not tomorrow or next week.

Today’s the day.

It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year.