You're tired, hungry, and maybe a little cranky too...

Someone in the office brought cupcakes. Your group of friends ask you to meet them for drinks. You're traveling for business or, even worse, on vacation. If you've finished Whole30, just started, or are considering a Whole30 challenge then you know the struggle of trying to eat clean for 30 days straight. It's tempting to cheat once or twice or even give up completely if you're not properly prepared.

While Whole30 is challenging it shouldn't be miserable. 

In order to make your Whole30 journey as successful as possible here are a few things to keep in mind along the way: 

1. Eat Enough

You know what's awesome about Whole30?! Getting to eat more food! Unlike many "diets" out there the Whole30 lifestyle doesn't limit the quantity of your food, just the quality. In fact, most people are actually under eating which can eventually lead to exhaustion, thyroid problems and even weight gain. You're eating clean calories so make sure you're eating enough to sustain your lifestyle and prevent crashes and cravings. 

If you're struggling with knowing how much to eat or when to eat it click here

2. Fats Are Your Friend

Don't fear the fat! You'll want to introduce foods that are higher in clean fats such as avocado, coconut products, olive oil, nuts, eggs, meats, nut butters and fish rather than avoid them. Since you're eating cleaner calories higher fat foods will keep you fuller for longer so you'll have plenty of energy throughout the day. Try eating your fats at breakfast to avoid a mid-day crash and start the process of training your body to burn fat, rather than carbohydrates, for energy. Try to add some fats to every meal. 

3. If You Must Snack, Snack Wisely

First and foremost try your hardest to limit snacking. A big part of the Whole30 program is to reprogram your relationship with food which includes the mental and emotional need to snack. If you're consuming a healthy amount of fats (see step #2) then you should be able to make it from meal to meal without snacking. 

But, if you must snack, then choose wisely. Whole30 approved items such as RX Bars are great if you're on the go like traveling or at work. Keep some low glycemic fruits in the fridge or whip up some frozen nut butter power balls to keep you going. Whatever you do, don't get caught off guard. You're most likely to cheat when you're unprepared!

4. Make Some Friends

Okay, okay I'm sure you have plenty of actual friends. We're talking about Whole30 friends, fellow travelers on the 30 day journey to health. You're going to need some accountability (particularly around day 9) to keep you encouraged along the way. Get a group or a friend to do Whole30 with you so when you're tempted to cheat you can send a quick text or someone who will dream about ice cream with you. Plus, it always helps to do meal prepping or recipe swaps if you're feeling overwhelmed or discouraged with your food.

5. Get Outside the Box

Whole30 is the perfect time to try new things! Experiment with different recipes and foods you've never had the chance to try before. Check out a Japanese sweet potato or ghee or yucca. Try cooking in some duck fat or sauté some beets to top on a salad. If you're eating the same boring meals every day then you're guaranteed to resent your Whole30 journey. Switch it up, spice it up and make your meals as flavorful and exciting as you can!

What tips would you add for completing a successful Whole30 program? Any ideas or recipes you want to share? Comment below and let us know!