Keeping New Year’s resolutions past February is never an easy feat. Quite frankly, I’m pretty sure I’ve never kept my New Year’s resolutions past writing them down. Luckily, for those of us who never give up trying to make AND keep our resolutions, there are a lot tips out there to help us to do better. 

The American Psychology Association (APA) have a nice list of tips in their article “Making your New Year’s Resolutions Stick”.  As I was reading through their advice, it occurred to me that CrossFit does a really good job of helping you keep your resolutions to get into better shape. Here are five tips from the APA and how CrossFit helps you follow them:

1. Start small by making resolutions you can keep. 

        Most CrossFit gyms have the option to come 2, 3 or 5 days per week, and your membership price is based on how often you plan to come. Starting an exercise program in which you pay for the number of times you plan to visit each week helps keep you motivated to get what you pay for, but it also allows you to start small by committing to a few days of exercise per week.

2. Change one behavior at a time. 

        If your list of new year’s resolutions includes things like: lose weight, run a 5k, eat better, and workout regularly, you could just make one resolution to join and regularly attend a CrossFit box. The nature of CrossFit creates a virtuous cycle of becoming healthier. First, you see great results soon after beginning CrossFit. You start feeling better and more confident about yourself, so you keep going back. Then you find yourself eating better and resting more so that you can continue to improve in your training. Before you know it, you’ve changed dramatically. Not because you felt you had to, but because you wanted to and because you kept feeling better and better.

3. Share your experiences with friends and family.

CrossFit is a community oriented activity. Every person in a CrossFit box is pushing themselves in workouts that are done in a group setting. Everyone is lifting the weight that is right for them and everyone is going at the pace that they set for themselves. Something about this setting creates an strong atmosphere of encouragement and support. The time you choose to train will come to have many familiar faces, and you will become a part of a community that you share your experience with daily.

4. Don’t beat yourself up. Perfection is unattainable. 

In a CrossFit community everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. No one is great at all of the wide variety of different types of exercises, but every person has a few things they feel especially good at. You are also able to track your workout everyday in a program they use called WODify. This allows you to see how much you are improving over time and is a constant reminder that you are moving towards your goals.

5.  Ask for support. 

Every aspect of CrossFit is supportive. You don’t have to figure out your workout because the workout of the day (WOD) is already planned for you. You learn to complete the wide variety of movements safely because the coaches teach you, and they continue to coach your technique as you improve and learn new movements. If you are the first to finish, the last to finish, or anywhere in between, someone will pat you on the back, encourage you, or help you put away your weights when you are done.

If walking into a CrossFit box seems to intimidating, don’t let it be. Everyone there was once a beginner, and most people love CrossFit so much that they love seeing new people give it a try. Every CrossFit box has some sort of special program for beginners. This is usually a few weeks of sessions aimed at introducing movements and helping you to identify how to scale the movements for your individual needs and abilities. 

So, if your goal is to get into better shape this year (does anyone not have this goal?), then it might be time to check out a CrossFit box near you. 

Fitness shouldn't feel boring or intimidating. At CrossFit Rhema we believe in more than just training. We're a community of people passionate about doing life together and pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Every workout is different and designed to be scaled to meet you exactly where you are in your fitness routine. From beginners to kids to lifelong athletes there's something at CrossFit Rhema specifically for you.