Save Some Monday Motivation For Later

Save Some Monday Motivation For Later

Most of us begin every week in the same way.

All in for maximum fitness.

All in for healthy food.

All in for progress.


We spring out of bed early Monday morning, bask in all the insta-motivation, perfect our morning routine, and crush the workout.

Then we run a few miles for good measure. Double under and snatch practice? No problem. And why not carry that sandbag with a friend. It's Monday, after all.

A new day. A new week. A new me.

Before we make it to Tuesday, we're a little sluggish. But no big deal, we're motivated and press ahead anyway, relying on willpower to overcome bad decisions. We toss our score into Wodify, and come back to fight another day. Except by Wednesday we're spent and can't imagine making it to the end of the week.

Sound familiar?

If it does, don't worry, this fitness trend has been around as long as free weights, and the solution is simple; instead of trying to get a week's worth of progress in a single day, save some Monday Motivation for later.

Read one chapter. Drink more water. Chip away at that project. Do the workout. Practice a skill for a few minutes. Leave refreshed and hungry for more.

Fitness, after all, is about the little things done consistently. Not the big things done occasionally.