Feeling a little sluggish post-holidays?

The holidays are great but, let's be honest, we tend to indulge in one too many cookies with Santa Clause. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year it can be tough to stay on track. Plus, it's the winter and it's never been harder to stay motivated to maintain your health and fitness goals when you could curl up on the couch with a pizza instead. 

That's why we're starting our Winter Detox program on January 23rd. 

If you're looking to actually start the new year on the right foot then there's no better way! We'll meet every Monday night to talk through whole living, healthy foods, and supplements. You'll have the accountability and support of a community of people through your own personal POD and detox captain! 

Nourish your body, mind and soul this January with a winter detox. 

Click here to reserve your space.